Integrated Paralympics Dance Project, Beijing 2007

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Learning and Access 

On Friday we met with Junhong from the British Council who showed us around the venue were we would be delivering the workshops.  She introduced us to some of the participants and representatives from the different organisations who have been involved in bringing the project together in China.  After a long journey it was great to see that all our arrangements had been put into place and everything was ready for starting work on the Monday.

China Workshop Participants

This left the weekend for a little team building exercise of sight seeing; very kindly our interpretor Zhili showed us around Beijing, Tijianamen Square, the Forbidden City, the Royal Gardens, traditional markets and finishing off with the Temple of Heaven.  On Sunday we had a stroll around a Chinese Antique Market and got very good at bartering with the stall vendors! 

Monday morning back to work, after a very busy press launch we started to create movement with the group and develop ideas for the final presentation on Friday afternoon.  It is great to work with such enthusiastic young adults who are willing to join in and learn new skills.   

Info about the project; 

Integrated Paralympics Dance Project, Young Advocates Programme, Developing the Paralympic Spirit.  Working in partnership with Northern Ballet Theatre, the British Council (the cultural and education section of the British Embassy) and the China Disabled Persons Federation.  This project is the first in a programme of work developing the skills of the Beijing Young Advocates who will meet with their international counterparts in September 2008 at the start of the Paralympics in Beijing. 

Working with 20 young adults with and without disabilities, the group will be creating a piece of dance that will be performed at the end of the week and through the process develop communication, confidence, leadership and teamwork skills. 

Selina McGonagle
Director of Learning & Access, NBT

  The L&A team in Tijianamen Square

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