China Report: First day in Beijing

December 19, 2007 at 3:51 pm (General Information, Overseas Tour) (, , , )

Poly Plaza - Hotel and theatre complex - Photo by Neil G Jarman

Not too much to report today. The Company had the day off and many spent the time visiting the famous landmarks such as Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. The Technicians made a visit to the Poly Theatre to check things out ready for the fit up tomorrow. The first useful piece of news was that the containers are only permitted into the City between 12.00am and 6am so the planned get in at 9am tomorrow would not be possible and the crew would have to go at midnight to unload. Useful time was spent working out where the scenery would hang and dealing with the fact that huge acoustic ceilings take out large sections of the grid and make the hanging plot quite tricky. It is further complicated as some of the flying is manual and some computerised and operated from opposite sides of the stage. Our Flyman, Joe, cannot be in both places at once. As always these challenges will be overcome. The Promoter is also unable to find a venue for class so the Technicians will lay the floor and put out the barres on stage before they finish tonight and delay the fit up until after class. Mr Nixon has now arrived in Beijing.

Forthcoming attractions at Poly Theatre

Relentless traffic around the theatre complex - Photo by Neil G Jarman

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