China Report: Fit Up Day in Nanjing

December 28, 2007 at 10:20 pm (General Information, Overseas Tour) (, , , , )

Confusious Temple and Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum - photos:

The Technicians departed at 8.15am for the Zijin Theatre which was a 45 minute drive across town at that time of day. The theatre just says “YES” to everything. NBT Technicians are totally in control – not quite like Beijing!! Whilst the fit up was taking place, the dancers returned to the adjacent studio for class. Unfortunately the Chinese opera orchestra was rehearsing next door and we had to ask them to leave for a while. The noise level – not the music, was horrendous!! Class went well and the dancers are in good shape for tomorrow’s performance

The Stage Department completed all of their work in record time by 5.45pm. The Electrics Department had focussed the lights and were back at the hotel by 8.30pm with just booms to do tomorrow – probably the quickest fit up we have had so far on this tour and leaving the stage clear for class.

This afternoon, the Dancers had a chance to look around the town. Nanjing is a bustling city and is a mix of western and pure Chinese. Turn a corner and huge neon lit signs are awash, turn again and hanging ducks etc. are there on the street stalls. The hotel is on the outskirts of the inner city and so quite a calming place to be away from the noise and bustle. The cost of things here is significantly cheaper than Beijing. A meal for 3 including 2 beers and a coke cost 76 Yuan (about £5). It was a good meal as well. Getting a taxi in Nanjing is very hit and miss. They don’t seem to like our Western faces too much but when you do get one they are really friendly.

Finally, this hotel has an even more brazen brothel than the last. It’s called COUNT and the publicity material leaves little to the imagination. It has caused great hilarity for all. The ones that dared go to the 5th floor were met by ladies in short maid outfits and a gentleman making gestures that cannot be described here when asked if this was where they could get a beer!!

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