China Report: Another Eventful day in China

December 29, 2007 at 6:37 pm (Overseas Tour) (, , , , )

The flying system in the Nijin Theatre was a nightmare to program. We also discovered today that some of the bars could not have in deads put on them. (A dead is marker that tells the flyman when the scenery is at the right level) So quite a few things were flown in and given the in dead by eye. The screens for instance. This seemed like a more major problem than it turned out to be in reality in the performance the system worked perfectly. At lunchtime when the orchestra arrived it was discovered that the orchestra pit would go down but the pit rail would not come up. They asked if we were ok with that and we said No. They were asked to provide a post and chain system or, laughing at the time, some flowers. At 2pm 25 potted plants turned up in terracotta pots. I guess in China you get what you ask for even when you are partly joking. During the technical rehearsal the Lighting technicians were visited in the lighting box by a rat. It climbed in through the window in front of then and then stopped and looked at them working. They all just stared and then it turned tail and went back into the auditorium. They were all in stunned silence until they all said together “was that me or was there a rat”?

The temperature in the theatre when the Technicians arrived this morning was Baltic cold. By the time the dancers arrived it had come up in temperature a little. The entire lighting rig was switched on and class took place. Every 5 minutes heated discussions were taking place with the local staff through our Interpreters Flora and Cathy. The heating was switched on but it barely registered. During the Technical Rehearsal it was discovered that there was a fault with the heating system. The dancers agreed that they would still perform and we promised them that we were doing our best to remedy the situation. By Showtime it was still cold. But the heating system had kicked in properly. But by the end of the show it was still cold. Young, our Promoter apologised profusely and it was made very clear that the next venue in Yangzhou had to be fully heated prior to the dancers arrival for class and if it wasn’t then there would be a possibility that the dancers would say they would not dance that performance. He relayed this to the local partner and we were reassured from both of them that heating would be on and there would be no problem. We shall see!

Just before the Technical Rehearsal, the children arrived to play trouble. They were the largest children that we have ever seen to play the role. Also, the boy took some coaching to do the job. But into costume he went. After the rehearsal he was on the side of stage with his mother and Chun – our Stage Manager. Chun was talking to his mum when the child kept interrupting saying he wanted the toilet. His mum said ok and he pulled his trousers down and weed next to portal 3!!. After mopping it up all was well. He went on fine in the performance until at the final entrance in the doorway he stood there and wet himself. Poor dancers had to carry him around after.

The performance went very well but the audience was very noisy throughout

The get out started at 9.45pm and we shut the doors of the last container at 11.45pm – a record for this tour.

First thing tomorrow we hit the road again to Yangzhou and start the fit up at the Grand Theatre

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