China Report: First Performance in Shanghai

January 3, 2008 at 7:40 pm (Overseas Tour) (, , , )

Chiaki prepares for her last performance - photo: Neil G Jarman

The fit up continued through the night. The LX department finished rigging the lights at 4am and returned to the hotel for a few hours sleep before returning to focus the lights at 10am. The Stage department worked through until 7am and took a break until1.30pm with only a few minor masking issues to be resolved. The Shanghai in house crew were really helpful and said “Yes” to everything.

Class yesterday in the theatre studio had been a little hazardous with a lino like a skating rink. So during the night we took rolls of our lino up the unending flights of stairs to 5th floor.

Class and Technical rehearsal went well and our technical departments did a remarkable job in getting the production ready in such a minimal fit up time.

Tonight was Chiaki Nagao’s “final” final performance prior to retirement. The Company gave an excellent performance and the Shanghai orchestra were very good with a very attentive audience and good numbers in attendance. It was a fitting final performance for Chiaki. Young, our Promoter was delighted and the Grand Theatre said it was the best thing they have had. Tonight was the final sponsored evening of the tour this time hosted by Leeds Met University and as well as local guests was attended by NBT staff and dancers not appearing in tonight’s performance.

One more performance to go and then home!!

Chiaki in performance - photo: Neil G Jarman

Chiaki in performance - photo: Neil G Jarman

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