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Dancition project in Calderdale Schools

Our Dancition project, supported by the Halifax, involves four primary schools and a secondary school from Calderdale, and aims to increase the understanding and enjoyment of dance and creativity as a way of learning, to develop teachers’ skills in delivering dance activity and to aid the transition from primary to secondary school. The project has involved a teacher inset session, workshops for pupils in school, and a trip to the theatre to see a Northern Ballet Theatre production. During the spring term, the schools have been developing a piece of dance to be performed at the Dancition Festival at Park Lane High School on Wednesday 16th April.

NBT at Withinfields Primary School

Our project with Northern Ballet Theatre
By Samantha Kaye, Year 5 at Withinfields Primary School 

When Northern Ballet Theatre came into our school
Our teachers were from the Northern Ballet. Their names are Sophie, Kate and Richard. Richard is a pianist. He played fast and slow music and we dance in different ways depending on the sort of music. Sophie was showing us what to do and to do it in time with the music. Kate was at the back showing people at the back what to do so they knew what to do.

The workshop in school
We did lots of different moves, trying different ways to move around the hall like skipping, tippey toes, running, hopping and walking fast and slow and lots more. It was a bit tiring at some times depending on what you were doing.

Visiting the Grand Theatre to see The Nutcracker
The theatre was very nice and the dances were very posh and professional. You could hear the sound the dancers’ shoes were making on stage. The music was just right for the dance they did, like when the soldiers shoot their gun at the rats and rat king. The rat king was very mean to the Nutcracker – he was his enemy. The costumes were very nice like the Nutcracker’s. They had all the main features.

Making our own dance – The Big Top
There will be acrobats, tightrope walkers, clowns, lions, horses, magicians and much more. I am playing the tightrope walker and magician’s assistant. We are using tricks, handstands, cartwheels, wobbling and much more. Mr Collins gave us some of the ideas and we had some too.

“I’m relaxed and looking forward to it.” Emily Rushton

“Really excited but a bit nervous.” Chloe Deery

“I’m excited but a bit scared. I might fall off the tightrope.” Natasja Ackroyd

“Very excited but a little worried in case I forget my words.” Jessie Deery

NBT at Withinfields Primary School


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