Learning & Access in Beijing

September 10, 2008 at 1:39 pm (Company News, General Information, Learning & Access) (, , )

Jo Dean reports again from Bejing where the Learning & Access Department are working as part of the British Council’s Young Advocate Progamme – developing the Paralympic Spirit.

The week seems to be rushing by with everyday packed full of activities, and we have just one day of workshops left before the showcase tomorrow. Tuesday was our second day of workshops, and the group continued developing the sequences they had created on Monday.  They also started creating more choreography based on the shapes and patterns found in flags from around the world.  The group is working really well together and the young advocates have come up with some fantastic ideas for their pieces, moments of which have been really moving.  A British party in the evening, complete with fish and chips, showcased the musical talents of some of the young advocates on the programme and got everyone up and dancing in a ceilidh. 


Yesterday was our rest day, but it seemed to be as busy as ever!  We started with a trip to the Great Wall, which was a lot steeper when walking up it than it looks from the bottom!  Following that we saw the China Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe at the Poly Theatre which impressed everyone, before returning to the Bird’s Nest stadium to watch some of the athletics events of the paralympics.

 Today the group is feeling the strain of the busy schedule but are really starting to refine their movement and polish their pieces.  The performance yesterday seemed to inspire them and the professionalism and precision of movement that they saw in the Troupe is being brought into the rehearsal today.  This afternoon we will be bringing together all of their work and structuring the piece for the showcase, before a shopping trip to Beijing to finish the day. 

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