Romeo & Juliet Cast Sheet for Leeds Grand Theatre

February 26, 2010 at 10:14 am (Casts) (, , , , , , )

Montagues; Capulets; a Ball; the balcony; fights; death; unrestrained passion; an all-consuming love; the ultimate tragedy.

Northern Ballet Theatre’s classic adaptation of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy returns to the stage. Passionate and dramatic, this is ballet at its most intense.

Sets and costumes designed by the award winning Lez Brotherston, stunning dancing and Prokofiev’s timeless score make Northern Ballet Theatre’s critically acclaimed Romeo & Juliet an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Romeo & Juliet at Leeds Grand Theatre

For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Book tickets from Leeds Grand Theatre. Or call the box office: 0844 848 2702

Casts are subject to change…

Saturday 27 February, Matinée

Saturday 27 February, Evening

Monday 1 February, Evening

Tuesday 2 March, Evening

Wednesday 3 March, Evening

Thursday 4 March, Matinée

Thursday 4 March, Evening

Friday 5 March, Evening

Saturday 6 March, Matinée

Saturday 6 March, Evening

Casts are subject to change…

Book tickets from Leeds Grand Theatre. Or call the box office: 0844 848 2702

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‘As Time Goes By’ Feedback and Photos

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Glass Canon, photo by Merlin Hendy

Isabella Gasparini in Don Quixote

Isabella Gasparini, photo by Merlin Hendy

It’s the last night of As Time Goes By tonight… We’ve had some wonderful feedback from the audience, and remember if you have anything you want to say about this or any production you can add a comment to this post by using the form below or send an email to us.

The programme was so diverse and exciting – it will remain with us for a long time to come. How lucky we are to be able to see such talented dancers perform in Yorkshire.
Susan Robinson

Dancing as always – wonderful. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to the company for all their hard work and long hours of practise.
Carole Engel

A review of As Time Goes By on the Yorkshire Post website…

Ashley Dixon, Tobias Batley & Kenneth Tindall in As Time Goes By, photo by Merlin Hendy

You can book tickets for As Time Goes By and the upcoming Romeo & Juliet from Leeds Grand Theatre, box office: 0844 848 2701.

Northern Ballet Theatre 2010 tour schedule.

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‘As Time Goes By’ Casting, Leeds Grand Theatre

February 23, 2010 at 4:33 pm (Artist's News, Casts) (, , , , , , )

As Time Goes By is an opportunity to see the company perform a rich variety of work by an array of talented choreographers. All music is played live by the Nothern Ballet Theatre Orchestra.

All roles for the evening including Powerhouse Rhumba, Glass Canon & Angels in the Architecture are performed by Northern Ballet Theatre dancers.

To book tickets please contact Leeds Grand Theatre on 0844 848 2701

For more information on As Time Goes By visit our website.

Please be aware that the cast can change at any time without notice…

Tuesday 23 February

Don Quixote


As Time Goes By

Wednesday 24 February

Don Quixote


As Time Goes By

Thursday 25 February (Matinee)

Don Quixote


As Time Goes By

Thursday 25 February (Evening)

Don Quixote


As Time Goes By

Please be aware that the cast can change at any time without notice…

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Loving Leeds…

February 22, 2010 at 10:15 am (Artist's News, General Information, Interviews, Podcasts) (, , , , )

In this latest podcast Northern Ballet Theatre dancers tell us what the love most about Leeds…

(right click here to download the mp3 file.)

Michela Paolacci & Hiro Takahashi in Leeds City Centre

Michela Paolacci & Hiro Takahashi in Leeds City Centre, Photo: Ryan Hopkinson

Read the rest of this entry »

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Pancake Day

February 16, 2010 at 5:21 pm (General Information)

Ashley Dixon, Toby Batley, Graham Kotowich, Seb Lowe

Dancer Ashley DixonIn honour of Shrove Tuesday 2010 (Pancake Day), we put our dancers pancake flipping skills to the test in the studio earlier today. Graham Kotowich, Toby Batley, Seb Lowe and Ashley Dixon limbered up for a pancake race, before displaying their individual flipping skills! We’re still not sure who the clear winner was, so if you think you can do better send us your pictures now! Email
Toby Batley, Ashley Dixon, Graham Kotowich, Seb Lowe

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Easter Course Update…

February 12, 2010 at 4:20 pm (Easter course, Learning & Access) (, , , , , , )

Places on this years Easter Course are starting to fill up and I’ve just had an exciting trip down to London to meet up with composer Philip Feeney. We met at Ballet Central where Philip is resident pianist and composer. He is currently working on a full length ballet score for Michael Pink, Artistic Director of Milwaukee Ballet.

We discussed some words that would describe the feeling of the piece and Philip is now going to come up with some short snippets of music. One thing he is going to try is creating a track digitally that will not have one of the parts (instruments) on it. That part will then be played over the track adding a live element to the music but still having the excitement of lots of instruments.

He took me down to his office, where there was an assortment of equipment. On one side of Philip was an electric piano, on the other side computers that he uses to orchestrate the music he creates on the piano. For example he can play something on the piano then let us hear what it will sound like played on strings. It’s really useful software as it can give us an idea what the music will sound like with a number of different instruments playing.

This will be very good for us once Philip has written the music. He will record the music on the computer so that when we are rehearsing we can hear what it will sound like when musicians from NBT’s orchestra play the piece. (At the opening of our new building)

I am not going to give away too much, but I left feeling inspired and excited! I will however share with you that Philip is able to come up to Leeds and play for the course on the 6th and 9th April. This means that you will be able to hear the music played live by the composer and we will be able to make any changes we need as we create our piece.

Don’t forget to book your place as this Easter Course is going to be very special.


Dance Education Officer

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Christopher Hinton-Lewis on Moving On

February 12, 2010 at 2:19 pm (Artist's News, Interviews) (, , )

In this podcast Christopher Hinton-Lewis talks about leaving Northern Ballet Theatre after 10 years and his dreams for the future…

Click to download this Northern Ballet Theatre podcast…

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Valentine’s Day Interview with Lori and David

February 12, 2010 at 1:11 pm (Artist's News, Interviews) (, , , , )

Northern Ballet Theatre dancers Lori Gilcrist and David Ward have been dating for over four years – in this interview they reveal all about each other…

Where did you meet your Valentine?

David: We obviously met in the company! We had our first date in a night club and then we started dating on and off for a while. But we have been together five years.

What is your Valentine’s finest quality?

Lori: hmmmmm I don’t actually know!

David: Well I don’t know you’re supposed to answer for me!

Lori: He’s caring, defiantly caring and kind.

David: Her finest quality is that she loves animals.

What is your Valentines worst habit?

David: That I never do the washing up or clean?

Lori: Definitely, definitely!

David: We take it in turns so if I make dinner she can wash up…

Lori: But if I make dinner I wash up!

What would be your Valentine’s dream holiday?

David: Any holiday!

Lori: That’s true…

David: Lori is addicted to holidays so as far away and as long as possible! We are hoping to go to Bali after the tour to China for 10 days to two weeks. So that’s our next dream holiday!

Which ballet couple best describes your relationship and why?

Lori: Maybe Lysander and Hermia

David: Yea… I prefer Demetrius and Hermia it’s a bit more fun, a bit younger!

What would your Valentine eat is it were their last meal on earth?

Lori: Rice and peas and chicken!

David: Probably Sunday Roast.

Who is more romantic?

Lori: David, definitely

David: For sure!

Who has the better sense of humour?

Lori: David!

David: For sure!

Who is more likely to deal with a spider?

Lori: Me!

David: I hate spiders!

Lori: He could cry…

Who is more of a gambler in every day life?

Lori: I’d say we’re quite equal.

David: Yeah we are quite equal, we don’t like to plan too much, take everyday as it comes so that’s a bit of a gamble I guess.

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Valentine’s Interview with Michela and John

February 12, 2010 at 12:52 pm (Artist's News, Interviews) (, , , , , )

Northern Ballet Theatre dancers Michela Paolacci & John Hull have been going out together for over eight years. Here they reveal their Valentine’s secrets…

Where did you meet your Valentine?

Michela: I met John at English National Ballet School where I joined in the graduate year. I was only there for a year and he had already been there for two and we were lucky enough to get the NBT job together.

What is your Valentine’s finest quality?

John: Just everything about her is perfect. There’s nothing in particular, just everything.

What is your Valentine’s worst habit?

Michela: I would have to say probably keeping things inside until the last minute and then having them blow up into a massive volcano! Because I’m quite an open person and so the two of us are quite opposite and that’s probably a trait that is his worst quality for me because I like to get things out in the open right away, discuss them and sort them out.

What would be your Valentine’s dream holiday?

John: To go to Venice for a long weekend. Ride around in the gondolas looking at all the museums and the churches and all the art. Have a nice relaxing weekend.

What do you wish you knew about your Valentine?

Michela: I think I know everything about John. I’d like to maybe know a little bit more about his childhood or his past because he is Australian and he has lots of friends there. I have never really had the chance to go there and spend some time with them and realise what it’s like to live there. I think I pretty much know every single thing, good and bad!

Which ballet couple best describes your relationship and why?

Michela: Mr and Mrs Fezziwig (Laughs)

John: That’s probably pretty correct actually!

Michela: Apart from I don’t drink so I would be Mrs Fezziwig minus the drink and John would be Mr Fezziwig perfectly.
Other than that, probably also Cathy and Healthcliff because there is also a lot of outwards passion…

What would your Valentine eat if it were their last meal on earth?

Michela: That’s easy! John would probably choose an Aussie Burger with the full work. But anything basically with cheese and bacon on it and VB Beer.

Who is more romantic?

John: I don’t know who do you think?

Michela: I think it’s probably about the same. John’s really romantic much more romantic than he seems in the sense that he is a real flowers and chocolates type of guy so I think probably you, in that sense.

Who has the better sense of humour?

John: We both do, it just different! I recon yours is probably a better sense of humour.

Michela: I’m not sure, we both make each other laugh a lot, which is good. We laugh tons!

John: You laugh by yourself sometimes…

Michela: Yea I do, I make myself chuckle. I’m not sure; I’d say probably me! (Laughs).

Who is more likely to deal with a spider?

Michela: Definitely John, I have a phobia of spiders!

John: Definitely me!

Who is more of a gambler?

John: That’s me.

Michela: You?

John: You don’t even know how to gamble!

Michela: Definitely, John! I have never gambled in my life.

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Touch of Dance at St Peter’s Primary School

February 5, 2010 at 2:44 pm (General Information, Learning & Access, Podcasts) (, , , , , , )

St Peter's Primary School students participating

St Peter's Primary School Student dancing

Pupils from St Peter’s Primary School in Leeds are currently enjoying after-school ballet classes with Dance Education Officer, Sophie Alder. Touch of Dance is a 6 week project introducing pupils to ballet through fun and accessible classes which are accompanied by live music. Here you can listen to feedback from the Headteacher and some of the pupils who are taking part.

To learn more about Northern Ballet Theatre Learning & Access projects visit our website.

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Discover Theatre Day

February 2, 2010 at 4:18 pm (Learning & Access) (, , , , , )

Discover Theatre Day

February 6, 10am – 1pm

Over the past few years, we have extended our Audio Description Programme to more theatres throughout the country, ensuring our productions are accessible to even more Visually Impaired audiences.  Being part of the Discover Theatre Day at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (WYP) will allow us to meet people who may find it difficult accessing performances, and talk to them about our Audio Descriptions and explain how it could enhance their theatre experience.

The Discover Theatre Day brings together theatres from across the region to show audiences how we are all working to make theatres more accessible.  It will include a backstage tour of the WYP, demonstrations of how audio descriptions and captioning work, and the chance for the public to meet audio describers and captioners from dance and theatre companies.

If you want to find out more about theatre accessibility, join us at the West Yorkshire Playhouse on February 6 at 10am.

The event is FREE. To book a place or to find out more please contact or tel: 020 7377 0978. To call via Text Relay dial 18002 then 020 7377 0978.

Saturday 6 Feb 2010

10.00am (Coffee and Registration)

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New Directors for Northern Ballet Theatre

February 2, 2010 at 3:17 pm (General Information)

Northern Ballet Theatre has appointed five new members to its Board of Directors:

  • Professor Chris Bailey, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Society at Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Cath Lennon, Principal of Brigshaw High School, Leeds
  • Maxine Room, Principal of Lewisham College, London
  • Victoria Tomlinson, founder and owner of Harrogate-based PR consultancy, Northern Lights
  • Veronica Wadley, ex-Editor of the London Evening Standard and an arts and media consultant

Full list of board members & profiles…

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Where for art thou, Romeo?

February 1, 2010 at 3:04 pm (Events, General Information) (, , , , , , )

No need to bury your head beneath a pillow as Valentine’s Day approaches. Northern Ballet Theatre and Harvey Nichols Leeds have teamed up to create Where for art thou, Romeo?: a one-off evening of true romance, at Harvey Nichols’ Fourth Floor Restaurant on Monday 15 February at 7pm.

For all those dreading Valentine’s Day, this unique speed-dating event will give single men and women in Leeds a fun chance to forge new connections, with tickets to NBT’s production of Romeo & Juliet at Leeds Grand Theatre to be won.

Champagne and canapés on arrival, live music from members of the Northern Ballet Theatre Orchestra and an open bar at the end of the night will lend a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

Places are limited.

To book or to find out more about this special event contact Ruth Burke-Kennedy ( on 0113 274 5355.

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Northern Ballet Theater Academy Stars Shine

February 1, 2010 at 2:59 pm (Academy, Classical Training, Northern Ballet Theatre Academy) (, , , , , )

We have spent another weekend glued to our televisions as things became more and more tense in BBC1’s ‘So You Think you Can Dance’ and Sky 1’s ‘Got to Dance’.

Academy student Matthew Koon took part in the semi final of ‘Got to Dance’ on Sunday night and secured his place in the final. Once again he received a standing ovation from all three judges and his performance brought judge Kimberley Wyatt to tears.

Watch his amazing performance.

Ex Associate Robbie White is now in the top six of ‘So You think You Can Dance’ . We are getting closer and closer to the final so every vote helps. Make sure you tune in this Saturday.

Watch Robbie’s performance

We are so proud of both students, two fantastic dancers who deserve this chance to show everyone what they can do. Please keep supporting them and thanks to everyone who has voted so far.

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