Valentine’s Day Interview with Lori and David

February 12, 2010 at 1:11 pm (Artist's News, Interviews) (, , , , )

Northern Ballet Theatre dancers Lori Gilcrist and David Ward have been dating for over four years – in this interview they reveal all about each other…

Where did you meet your Valentine?

David: We obviously met in the company! We had our first date in a night club and then we started dating on and off for a while. But we have been together five years.

What is your Valentine’s finest quality?

Lori: hmmmmm I don’t actually know!

David: Well I don’t know you’re supposed to answer for me!

Lori: He’s caring, defiantly caring and kind.

David: Her finest quality is that she loves animals.

What is your Valentines worst habit?

David: That I never do the washing up or clean?

Lori: Definitely, definitely!

David: We take it in turns so if I make dinner she can wash up…

Lori: But if I make dinner I wash up!

What would be your Valentine’s dream holiday?

David: Any holiday!

Lori: That’s true…

David: Lori is addicted to holidays so as far away and as long as possible! We are hoping to go to Bali after the tour to China for 10 days to two weeks. So that’s our next dream holiday!

Which ballet couple best describes your relationship and why?

Lori: Maybe Lysander and Hermia

David: Yea… I prefer Demetrius and Hermia it’s a bit more fun, a bit younger!

What would your Valentine eat is it were their last meal on earth?

Lori: Rice and peas and chicken!

David: Probably Sunday Roast.

Who is more romantic?

Lori: David, definitely

David: For sure!

Who has the better sense of humour?

Lori: David!

David: For sure!

Who is more likely to deal with a spider?

Lori: Me!

David: I hate spiders!

Lori: He could cry…

Who is more of a gambler in every day life?

Lori: I’d say we’re quite equal.

David: Yeah we are quite equal, we don’t like to plan too much, take everyday as it comes so that’s a bit of a gamble I guess.

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