Valentine’s Interview with Michela and John

February 12, 2010 at 12:52 pm (Artist's News, Interviews) (, , , , , )

Northern Ballet Theatre dancers Michela Paolacci & John Hull have been going out together for over eight years. Here they reveal their Valentine’s secrets…

Where did you meet your Valentine?

Michela: I met John at English National Ballet School where I joined in the graduate year. I was only there for a year and he had already been there for two and we were lucky enough to get the NBT job together.

What is your Valentine’s finest quality?

John: Just everything about her is perfect. There’s nothing in particular, just everything.

What is your Valentine’s worst habit?

Michela: I would have to say probably keeping things inside until the last minute and then having them blow up into a massive volcano! Because I’m quite an open person and so the two of us are quite opposite and that’s probably a trait that is his worst quality for me because I like to get things out in the open right away, discuss them and sort them out.

What would be your Valentine’s dream holiday?

John: To go to Venice for a long weekend. Ride around in the gondolas looking at all the museums and the churches and all the art. Have a nice relaxing weekend.

What do you wish you knew about your Valentine?

Michela: I think I know everything about John. I’d like to maybe know a little bit more about his childhood or his past because he is Australian and he has lots of friends there. I have never really had the chance to go there and spend some time with them and realise what it’s like to live there. I think I pretty much know every single thing, good and bad!

Which ballet couple best describes your relationship and why?

Michela: Mr and Mrs Fezziwig (Laughs)

John: That’s probably pretty correct actually!

Michela: Apart from I don’t drink so I would be Mrs Fezziwig minus the drink and John would be Mr Fezziwig perfectly.
Other than that, probably also Cathy and Healthcliff because there is also a lot of outwards passion…

What would your Valentine eat if it were their last meal on earth?

Michela: That’s easy! John would probably choose an Aussie Burger with the full work. But anything basically with cheese and bacon on it and VB Beer.

Who is more romantic?

John: I don’t know who do you think?

Michela: I think it’s probably about the same. John’s really romantic much more romantic than he seems in the sense that he is a real flowers and chocolates type of guy so I think probably you, in that sense.

Who has the better sense of humour?

John: We both do, it just different! I recon yours is probably a better sense of humour.

Michela: I’m not sure, we both make each other laugh a lot, which is good. We laugh tons!

John: You laugh by yourself sometimes…

Michela: Yea I do, I make myself chuckle. I’m not sure; I’d say probably me! (Laughs).

Who is more likely to deal with a spider?

Michela: Definitely John, I have a phobia of spiders!

John: Definitely me!

Who is more of a gambler?

John: That’s me.

Michela: You?

John: You don’t even know how to gamble!

Michela: Definitely, John! I have never gambled in my life.

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