Orchestra Tea Bar – Podcast

March 5, 2010 at 3:15 pm (Music, Podcasts) (, , , , )

Susan Hall, Northern Ballet Theatre Orchestra sub-leader, took over the Orchestra tea bar a year ago and has used the profits to support a charity helping people in South America. In this podcast she explains more…

Right click here to download the Orchestra Tea Bar podcast.

Podcast Transcript

Hi, I’m Sue Hall and I’m sub-leader of Northern Ballet Theatre Orchestra and this is the Orchestra tea-bar behind me which has been running actually for, it’s in its eleventh year and over the last year I’ve just taken it over and decided to run it for a charity.

The charity is Mission Paraguay and it is run through the South American Missions Society [SAMS]. I chose this charity because I have a connection with a chap from my church who knows the lady who runs the charity, herself, so we know that the money’s going directly to the cause and it is for … women’s workshop in Paraguay and the idea behind the workshop is that these ladies have been train to use sewing machines and they make clothes for children and their own homes and also selling the stuff to create their own businesses. So they’ve become self-employed.

I thought it was a good idea that a self-employed lady over here, myself, was going to help a self-employed lady over in Paraguay; obviously to set herself up in business and get going.

We’ve so far managed to raise enough money for one sewing machine. These are slightly bigger sewing machines than … domestic ones – they are industrial ones. And we are about three-quarters of the way to having a second sewing machine.

So basically it is done by the Orchestra drinking tea and coffee and so on in their tea-break and the profits all go to the charity.

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