Easter Course Day Two

April 7, 2010 at 4:05 pm (Easter course, Learning & Access, Northern Ballet Theatre Academy)

Picture of Young People Dancing

Practicing the lifts

Now that all our young dancers are well into the swing of the Easter Course and have been honing their creative and dance skills for a full two days, we thought it would be good for them to tell you what they have been doing. So let’s hear from the group themselves …

“Before the course I was scared and nervous, but I was excited to meet new people and make new friends. We have done counter-balances and done a lot of lifts. We have learnt that lifts need team-work and coordination.” Gemma and Ibuki

“So far, the course has been nothing like I was expecting. I thought it would be rigid and uniform, but instead it is free, creative and expressive – which is so enjoyable and motivating. We are devising our performance to a piece by Philip Feeney. It consists of ever-changing rhythms and melodies, with minor key changes which give the piece a sense of mystery and the unknown. Our piece is developing at a promising rate and we are looking forward to the looming final performance, with is exciting. Roll on day three!” James

“My favourite part so far is the lifts. I can do all of the lifts apart from the headstand one.” Megan


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