Learning and Access in China – Day 1

July 7, 2010 at 2:24 pm (Hong Kong & Macau 2010, Learning)

The Learning and Access team are currently in Hong Kong, delivering a three-day dance project for the British Council, in partnership with the Providence Centre for Rehab. The project incorporates local dance artists, care workers and members of the rehabilitation centre with learning difficulties, to explore the benefits of dance and movement for the learning disabled. It will develop the skills and confidence of the dance artists and care workers, enabling them to plan and deliver creative movement sessions within their communities.

Having arrived in Hong Kong after a long flight, we met with the British Council and the staff at the Providence Centre for Rehabilitation to discuss the aims of the project and to find out what experience of dance and movement the care workers and members of the rehabilitation had. Having had little or no experience of dance, the care workers would benefit from learning how to structure a movement session and develop activities to meet the aims of their sessions.

Today was our first workshop day, and we spent the morning with the care workers from the centre and the local dance artists, introducing them to creative ideas to use in a workshop session. We looked at games and activities to use in a warm up, trying out a number of different activities so that they could experience how they can be used to meet the engage a variety of participants. Looking particularly at the use of props, they explored how using props can make movement less intimidating, can encourage social interaction and can develop individual movements.

Then this afternoon, the group was joined by members of the rehab centre, all of whom have learning difficulties, to put into practice some of the activities from the morning session. By having experienced the activities for themselves, the care workers and dance artists were able to understand the purpose of each activity and the benefits for the participants with learning difficulties.

It was a very energetic day, with participants coming to the workshop with a variety of different skills and experiences, so it was great to see everyone getting involved and working together to create a really positive workshop environment.

Photos, filming and blog: Jo Dean, Learning & Access Project Manager

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