Dance Vote 2010

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Keiko Amemori in Angels in the Architecture - Photo by Bill Cooper

Keiko Amemori in Angels in the Architecture - Photo by Bill Cooper

In the run up to the general election, DanceVote 2010, created and backed by a steering group of the major dance organisations, is looking for assurances from the main political parties that they will support the thriving dance sector.

DanceVote 2010 has five aims

  1. To connect every politician standing for election to parliament with a dance activity in their local area
  2. To highlight the popularity of dance among constituents and the benefits to residents
  3. To underline the need for sustained public funding in order to build on (and not undermine) the progress achieved over the past few years
  4. To champion the value of dance as an art form, as well as in health and education
  5. To secure a statement on how candidates will support dance and the arts if they are elected

Why we need to talk to politicians now?

The current economic climate means that getting dance recognised and connected to politicians, in a local context, is more vital than ever. With difficult spending decisions ahead, we need politicians to understand that dance is something local voters care about, and that investing in dance provides value for money and benefits to local people. If spending cuts are being made, we don’t want dance activity to be the easiest thing to cut because politicians do not have knowledge of local dance activity.

Getting involved is quick and easy

Whether its ballroom or ballet, morris or contemporary dance that gets your adrenalin pumping, GETTING INVOLVED IS EASY, click here to send a personalised email to your local Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates explaining why you are passionate about dance, and asking them to pledge their support for dance and the arts.

DanceVote 2010 champions all dance, both professional and participatory. It is co-ordinated by Dance UK, working in partnership with a steering committee of leading dance professionals representing diverse backgrounds.

To find out more about DanceVote2010 go to or call Dance UK on 020 7713 0730.

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