China Report: Another day in Wuxi

December 13, 2007 at 11:05 am (Overseas Tour) (, , , , , )

NBT at Wuxi Hospital - Photo: Neil G Jarman

Well, it’s been a slightly bizarre day. We went to a local dance school to use a studio for class but they don’t tape the lino down here, which would have made it dangerous to dance on. Fortunately, we had tape so that was quickly resolved and we were joined by a group of budding young ballerinas keen to watch us and have photographs taken. After class 12 of us went to a hospital, which is sponsoring our performance in Wuxi. It seemed to be some sort of PR stunt with TV cameras and photographers and we were taken on a guided tour and all led into a room with an injured solider lying in bed with his family which was a little strange but he seemed to appreciate the visit! We were then taken to the Board Room and sat round the table and given fruit and water and then posed for photographs with the Director of the hospital. We were all given ceramic figures as gifts – Wuxi is renowned for these figures – and at least the dancers got to ride in the stretch limos. All seems to be progressing OK at the theatre but a cinema screen flying in an unhelpful position on stage means that the set will have to be quite far upstage. Wardrobe are having problems with the power tripping out when they plug in the steamer to prepare the costumes but this is all in a days work in China.

Mark Skipper

Chief Executive, NBT

Young Observers. Photo Neil G Jarman

Checking Wardrobe

First Class in China

Wuxi Hospital

Back in the Limo

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